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This site provides quality assurance updates for pet parents who seek the very best for their animal companions. 


To Australian pet parents concerned by 2017social media reports: After thorough veterinary investigation of all reported cases, we are confident that Weruva products caused no harm to cats in Australia. 

To Pet Parents in USA, Canada, and all others: The products reported in Australia- while safe to feed- are in no way related to product distributed in the US, Canada, and all other markets.


Quality assurance: 

Weruva's wet foods are produced in a facility that also produces food for humans from the very same ingredients. All production takes place under BRC certification, which ensures strict adherence to global food safety standards. The standards under which all Weruva wet foods are produced exceed USDA and FDA requirements. 

In addition to BRC certification, Weruva staff play an active role in maintaining strict quality assurance through on-site supervision at production kitchens and from our offices in the US. 


Sustainability & Stewardship

The proteins used in our recipes are carefully sourced and selected to ensure good stewardship of our natural resources. By using skipjack tuna, which is a younger and smaller species of tuna with healthy natural replenishment, we avoid the risk of depleting this fish population. Similar with our chicken, only cage free chicken is sourced, and is always free of added hormones and antibiotics. 

The catching of fish by our suppliers is inspected by multiple organizations to ensure no danger to at-risk ocean wildlife such as dolphin and sea turtles, and fish are line-caught as opposed to using massive nets, ensuring safety for other ocean wildlife.


About Terracycle:

Weruva has partnered with Terracycle to provide a recycling option for all of our pouch products. Learn how you can get involved at no cost! All Weruva canned products are recyclable- consult your local recycling guidelines to ensure compliance.


Product Information

Product ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and stock options are all posted on our company website- click here to get started!

Detailed as-fed nutrient profiles for all Weruva foods are also available on our company website. 

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